DTE Energy Music Theatre is located at 7774 Sashabaw Rd in Clarkston, MI and is easily accessible off I-75 at Sashabaw Road (Exit 89).


There are two entrances off of Sashabaw Road just north of I-75. The north drive is located at the base of our large “DTE Energy” marquee sign. The entrance just south of the marquee sign is our South Drive and is primarily for VIP & Disabled parking. 

Venue map

Parking map


I-75 traffic can access DTE Energy Music Theatre at exit 89 (Sashabaw Road) from two different ways: First, I-75 traffic can follow Sashabaw Rd. North to either South or North Drives. Second, I-75 traffic can follow Sashabaw Rd. South to Waldon Road, following Waldon Road (East) to Pine Knob Road.

Alternate Routes for traveling to DTE

  • I-75 to Baldwin Road North 4.2 miles to Clarkston Road, Turn West on Clarkston 3 miles to Pine Knob Road, Turn South ¼ mile to DTE Entrance
  • I-75 North (past Sashabaw) to exit 91 M-15. Go South ¼ mile to Clarkson Road, left (East) on Clarkston Road 1.5 miles to Sashabaw Road, turn South on Sashabaw ¼ mile to DTE entrance

‚ÄčTo DTE from Woodward or Telegraph to the South of Pontiac

  • Take Business 24 North from M-59 in Pontiac 1.2 miles, continue North on US 24 Dixie Hwy 2.8 miles to Sashabaw Road, turn North on Sashabaw Road and go 5 miles to the entrance for DTE or
  • Take Business 24 North from M-59 in Pontiac 1.2 miles, continue North on US 24 Dixie Hwy 6 miles to M-15, turn North go 1.3 miles to Clarkston Road, turn East 1.5 miles to Sashabaw Road, turn South on Sashabaw ¼ mile to DTE entrance


There are two exits available for traffic to use after the show. The North drive which leads to Sashabaw Road and the Pine Knob Road gate. You can easily reach I-75 by exiting through either gate. After most shows the parking lot is divided into two sections and each section is directed out a designated gate. This is part of our post-event traffic management plan which allows for the best possible service to all guests. The above map shows red arrows that indicate the direction of outbound traffic after events. The south drive is designated for inbound traffic only and is not available as an exit.

Alternate Routes for leaving DTE

  • North on Sashabaw ¼ mile to Clarkston Road, West on Clarkston Road 1.5 miles to M-15. Turn North on M-15 and go ¼ mile to I-75 North or South
  • North on Sashabaw ¼ mile to Clarkston Road, East on Clarkston Road 3.7 miles to Baldwin Road, South on Baldwin Road 4.2 miles to I-75

Parking Lot Policies

The parking lot opens at 5:00 p.m. for most shows or 2 1/2 hours prior to a matinee show. Barbecuing is allowed on paved areas of lot. No open alcohol on the lot. No re-admittance to the lot. Parking for disabled guests is located outside the east entrance to the facility.

Traffic Control Fee

A $4.00 traffic control fee is added to each ticket purchase.

Drop-off Procedure

There is no charge to drop off or pick up a guest for a show. Many people utilize our “Parent’s Park” as a meeting place. Parents and other non-ticketholders may wait for guests in Parents park during the show. "Parent's Park" is located between the East and West entrance gates to the venue near light pole 2C.

When picking-up after the event, drivers should be aware that all lanes at the North Drive (where the marquee sign is located) and our Pine Knob Road gate will be for outbound traffic only. You can not enter the venue at these locations. The only entrance is the South Drive on Sashabaw Road just south of the main entrance. Once your pick-up is complete, exit the parking lot with the rest of the event traffic. You cannot exit out the South Drive where you came in because it is only an inbound lane except for police and EMS vehicle.

Lock Out/Jump Start

Lockouts, jumpstarts and assistance in changing flat tires are provided as a courtesy by either Waterford Towing Co. and/or Palace Parking Managers. Please contact any staff member to request assistance.

VIP Parking Upgrade

VIP Parking is available for an additional $20